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Transcript: Community Broadband Bits Episode 153

Thanks to Jeff Hoel for providing the transcript for the episode 153 of the Community Broadband [no-glossary]Bits[/no-glossary] podcast about a movement for municipal networks in Seattle. Listen to this episode here.



Karen Toering:  I think that Seattle's ready.  We've been doing some pretty good work out in the community.  And, as Devin said, whenever we talk about this idea of municipal broadband, people get excited.


Lisa Gonzalez:  Hello.  You are listening again to the Community Broadband Bits Podcast, from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.  And this is Lisa Gonzalez.

Recently, the City of Seattle has renewed its efforts to improve connectivity for residents and businesses.  City leaders have started the process of serious inquiry into the possibility of establishing a municipal broadband utility.  As the city moves forward, a group led by citizen activists, called Upgrade Seattle, has offered valuable support.  In addition to educating the public, the group has worked with city leaders to find answers and establish alliances with other like-minded communities.  This week, Chris talks with Sabrina Roach, Devin Glaser, and Karen Toering, from Upgrade Seattle.  Be sure to check out to learn more about the group and their effort to help the city achieve better connectivity.

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Now, here's Chris, Sabrina, and Karen.


Chris Mitchell:  Welcome to another edition of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast.  I'm Chris Mitchell.  And today, I'm speaking with three great people from a new organization called Upgrade Seattle.  I'll start by introducing Sabrina Roach, someone who's been organizing this, both in her professional capacity, with Brown Paper Tickets, as well as in her personal capacity, as a bit of a passion for her.  So, welcome to the show, Sabrina.