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Transcript: Community Broadband Bits Episode 10

Thanks to Jeff Hoel for providing the transcript to the episode 10 of the Community Broadband [no-glossary]Bit[/no-glossary]s podcast with Vince Jordan on the municipal fiber network now called NextLight in Longmont, Colorado. Listen to this episode here.



Christopher Mitchell: Welcome to the Community Broadband Bits Podcast, Episode 10. I'm Christopher Mitchell, with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, and the Editor of . Today, we're talking with Vince Jordan, Telecom Manager at Longmont Power and Communications in Colorado. Longmont has gone head-to-head with Comcast twice in city referenda. Having succeeded in their second effort, the city is now expanding its fiber optic ring to connect businesses and residents. This is a community-driven process that is taking public input. At present, the network will not issue any debt to pay for their expansion. Learn how in this interview, starting now.


Christopher: Thank you, Vincent Jordan, for joining us. You're the Telecom Manager for the City of Longmont. Can you tell us a little bit about Longmont?


Vince Jordan: Sure. So, Longmont is a town that's just about 28 miles north of Denver. We're right on the Front Range. So I'm looking at the Rocky Mountains right now, about 20 minutes away. The town is about 29 square miles. We have 36,000 sites that -- I work for Longmont Power and Communications. And so we have 36,000 sites that we provide power to. That's a mixture of homes and businesses. Population's around 85,000.


Christopher: Terrific. And now, Longmont, for a long time, has had a fiber ring to help with its power distribution, right? Can you tell me a little bit about the history of the fiber?