Thanksgiving Dinner at

In the U.S., Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Families and friends come together to catch up, to eat tons of food, and to appreciate their good fortune. It's a time to count our blessings and laugh at a few of the characters common to every family. This year, we've imagined some of those characters at Thanksgiving Dinner in the world of telecom...

Momma Greenlight

by Lisa

Thanksgiving would be just another TV dinner without someone willing to wake up at 4 a.m. to put the bird in the oven, prep the potatoes, and bake the pie. Just like Mom, Greenlight in Wilson, North Carolina, has gone above and beyond for the community. In addition to  providing an important economic development tool and creating an innovative program for folks who might struggle a little with Internet access bills, Wilson connected their neighbor Pinetops. In much the same vein, we know that if the next door neighbor was alone on Thanksgiving, Mom would invite them over for turkey and pumpkin pie.

Uncle Comcast

by Jess

He’s that uncle you don’t want to get stuck next to at the dinner table. Uncle Comcast will spend the entire time talking up his newest business venture while he ignores your aunt’s repeated request to pass the mashed potatoes. When you finally get a chance to talk he suddenly has to leave the table to take a call from one of his many lawyers. You’re a little worried he’s working on scheme to swindle grandma out of house and home in order to monopolize the inheritance

Cool Aunt Ammon

by Katie

thanksgiving-dinner.png Everyone in your family is always talking about your cool aunt, but in our world, everyone is talking about Ammon’s open access fiber network. Just like how your aunt shows up every year at Thanksgiving sporting the latest trends, Ammon is pioneering an innovative financing model. Your aunt brings you one-of-a-kind gifts from her travels around the world; Ammon brings the gifts of ultra-fast connectivity and consumer choice to its residents. While your aunt hasn’t won an award (yet) for being the hippest person in the family, Ammon Fiber Optics has been recognized as Community Broadband Project of the Year and as Consumer Product of the Year in Idaho.

Great-Grandma CenturyLink

by Lisa

With a vacant look in her eyes and a vapid smile on her face, Grandma CenturyLink is just happy to be here. Things aren’t like they used to be, no sireee, but DSL still works, doesn’t it? You young people don’t need anything faster than 1.5 Mbps and who uploads anyway? All you ever do is look at that MySpace thingy and check your AOL post office box, right? Do these yams have marshmellows in them and why do you need a power cord anyway?

The Sister’s Cute New Boyfriend Is A UTOPIA

by Lisa

Dad, brother, and the other football fans in the house retire to the family room to watch the game, but this guy takes time time to chat it up with Mom and help clear the table. Like the regional open access network in Utah, this guy understands how important it is to work hard on his image with the people who matter - the people in the community. He's experienced enough to know that the extra effort pays off. Wow, Sis, he’s a keeper!


Like every holiday dinner dynamic across America, each community can be thankful for their unique character this November 22nd. As you avoid your own Uncle Comcast and praise your Momma Greenlight on the fabulous yams, we hope you enjoy a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.