Community Broadband Media Roundup - July 13


US Senators asks FCC to probe into “ridiculous prices” charged for Internet access by Jonathan Clifford, Uncover California

Urging the FCC to look into the monthly charges which are being issued by service providers, the Senators have put forth the argument that the apparent lack of competition amongst service providers gives cable and phone companies the ability to increase the charges for service without any fear of loss of business.



Fort Collins to host broadband open house, Coloradoan

Broadband discussion set for Thursday by Saja Hindi, Loveland Reporter Herald

"What we're hoping to achieve with this is to take back our right to provide the best services for Loveland and encourage and facilitate the best services for broadband in Loveland," she said.

If the voters don't approve it, she said, the city can't even look into providing the service directly or indirectly.



Boise becomes 100th city to join Next Century Cities broadband coalition by Sean Buckley, Fierce Telecom



22 US Towns Unite to Build Their Own Broadband Internet Infrastructure, Softpedia 

Massachusetts Communities fund Broadband Collective by Civ Source

The project is a unique effort toward building out a shared services model for municipal broadband. The FCC recently announced its support for municipal broadband following years of coordinated attacks by the largest telecom companies to stifle these network, even where they have no plans to build private networks.

Mayor to talk municipal broadband at Harvard by Anita Fritz, Greenfield Recorder



Sandy is nationwide example of city owned Internet by Chris Woodard KOIN 6 TV



Kshama Sawant going to battle over Seattle's Internet by Josh Kerns, KIRO radio

Sawant considers Central District for city-owned gigabit Internet pilot program by Bryan Cohen, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

On Wednesday, members of the Upgrade Seattle campaign briefed Sawant’s energy committee on their efforts to build more public support for a pilot program. Using the recently completed study commissioned by the city, Upgrade Seattle presented different scenarios for funding and operating a municipal gigabit Internet service — a service that’s about 100 times faster than average U.S. residential speeds.


Other Community Broadband News

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren ask FCC to investigate broadband prices by Eric Geller, Daily Dot

News Recap: FCC May Jump In On Municipal Fiber Network Builds by James Maimonis, TechTarget