Community Broadband Media Roundup - January 19


Catching fiber by Kara Guzman, Good Times Weekly

“We’re solving our own market problems with a local company, through local government, to protect our community’s interests,” says Guevara. “This isn’t solely about technology. The Internet is access to the world and all the ideas and all the things to come that we can’t even foresee. 



Newark, Del., to study municipal broadband options by Phil Goldstein, State Tech Magazine



Charlevoix County to expand high-speed Internet to county transit by Jordan Spence, Petoskey News



Chattanooga, Tenn., utility's Smart Grid receives national environmental recognition by Dave Flessner, GovTech



Broadband adoption reaches a standstill in tech-savvy Seattle by Tod Newcombe, Governing



FCC Chair: 39% of rural America lacks broadband access by Chris Morran, The Consumerist

A big part of the problem with providing high-speed Internet to rural America is infrastructure. Many of these areas are served by old copper-line networks that telecom companies have repeatedly been accused of neglecting and allowing to fall into disrepair.

We still suck at bringing quality broadband to all Americans by Karl Bode, TechDirt

Big cable owns Internet access. Here's how to change that by Susan Crawford, Medium-Back Channel