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A Deep Dive into Iowa Broadband: Challenges, Solutions, and Collaboration - Episode 595 of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast

In this latest episode of the podcast, Christopher is joined by Curtis Dean, Vice President of the Community Broadband Action Network (CBAN), to delve into the state of broadband in Iowa and the impactful work undertaken by CBAN.

Fresh insights into Iowa's broadband landscape are unveiled as Curtis sheds light on the hurdles faced by local providers in securing funding and navigating regulatory frameworks. Drawing parallels with successful municipal broadband endeavors like the one in Fort Dodge, Chris and Curtis emphasizes the pivotal role of local control in driving broadband expansion initiatives.

The episode also serves as a platform for Curtis to announce upcoming events within the broadband community, including the eagerly anticipated CBAN Spring Summit and the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities Municipal Broadband Conference, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders.

As the conversation concludes, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the collaborative spirit driving Iowa's municipal broadband community and the imperative of empowering local, community-focused providers in the quest for equitable broadband access.

This show is 30 minutes long and can be played on this page or using the podcast app of your choice with this feed.

Transcript below.

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Thanks to Arne Huseby for the music. The song is Warm Duck Shuffle and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

Fort Dodge Looks to Re-Fortify with Fiber

Because its downtown buildings were made to resemble Windy City architecture, Fort Dodge was once nicknamed “Little Chicago.” But now, this north-central Iowa city with a population of just under 25,000 is building something the real Chicago, 360 miles east of Fort Dodge, does not have: a municipal fiber-to-the-home (ftth) network.

Having secured up to $36.8 million in loans from a consortium of local banks, the Cedar Rapids-based engineering firm HR Green has been hired by the city to put together a final engineering and design plan for a city-wide fiber network.

The RFP to do the construction work will go out to bid in late spring 2022, with actual network construction slated to begin in the summer of 2022. City officials say the new utility will likely begin offering high-speed Internet service to Fort Dodgers as soon as the summer of 2023, though the network won’t be fully built-out city-wide until 2024.

Unserved, Underserved and Poorly Served

In many rural communities, local governments, cooperatives, public entities, or nonprofit organizations will sometimes build the infrastructure necessary to deliver high-speed Internet service to the unserved and underserved because incumbent providers don’t see enough short-term ROI to justify the expense. But in more densely populated locales, municipal broadband is often pursued because the existing service from private providers simply isn’t up to par. The market has failed rural, suburban, and urban communities - just in different ways.

And that’s why in cities like Fort Dodge, the feasibility study commissioned by the city hits on a familiar refrain found in feasibility studies across the nation:

“Despite being the largest city in the region and key commercial hub, Fort Dodge telecommunications infrastructure is less advanced than in surrounding rural areas and small towns like Lehigh, Dayton, and Badger.”