Building for Digital Equity Podcast Episode 3: Mikhail Sundust Offers Digital Equity Lessons from Gila River Indian Community

Building for Digital Equity

In our third episode on the Building for Digital Equity podcast, we are joined by Mikhail Sundust, Executive Director of the Digital Connect Initiative (DCI) at GRTI - Gila River Telecommunications Incorporated.

A tribal telecommunications company, GRTI has offered telecommunications and now high-quality Internet access to tribal citizens living on the Gila River reservation (and beyond with subsidiaries) for more than 30 years.

The podcast covers the lessons DCI has learned along its digital equity path, including making sure people have the basic digital skills needed to build more advanced skills and confidence. Sundust also discusses how they developed a "bring your own device" program for learning, and have crafted programs that work well with tribal elders.

Finally, Sundust talks about how other Tribal telecom companies are starting to incorporate digital equity planning into their work.

This show is 14 minutes long and can be played on this page or using the podcast app of your choice with this feed.

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