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Hoopa Valley PUD General Manager Honored As Connectivity Champion

With Linnea Jackson at the helm of the Hoopa Valley Tribe Public Utilities District (HVPUD), Hoopa has become a bellwether of a new wave of Tribally-owned and managed broadband networks.

Over four short years, the Tribe has stewarded a wireless license from the FCC, launched a sovereign wireless network for its people, and undertaken massive fiber infrastructure builds funded by a multi-million dollar grant from the federal government and a historic partnership with the state of California.

Linnea’s work has transformed a story of a digital divide fueled by the disinvestment of a massive monopoly telephone company into one of connectivity through Tribal sovereignty, community power, and local self-reliance.

In recognition of her contributions in the field of Tribal broadband, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) named Jackson the recipient of the Connectivity Champion award at our 50th Anniversary celebration last week, alongside inspiring leaders in community composting, energy democracy, independent business, and Internet access.

Hoopa Valley PUD General Manager Linnea Jackson

“It’s been an absolute honor,” Jackson said as she accepted the award, “to help lead these infrastructure projects, which will build a legacy and help the next generation, not only with education, but telemedicine, communications… basic ways of life that are reliant on access to high speed Internet that is reliable and robust.”

Debunking Municipal Broadband Myths - Episode 596 of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast

In this latest episode of the podcast, Chris is joined again by Sean Gonsalves to delve into the arguments against municipal broadband that have surfaced in the recent weeks.

Chris and Sean dissect claims made by opponents of municipal broadband, providing insights and rebuttals to counter these arguments. They offer a balanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities associated with community-owned broadband networks. 

While addressing the criticisms, they also highlight the success stories of municipal networks across the country. By showcasing examples of thriving community broadband initiatives, they illustrate the potential benefits and positive impacts of local broadband ownership.

The conversation concludes with them emphasizing the importance of local communities having the autonomy to make decisions about their broadband infrastructure. They advocate for empowering communities to pursue broadband solutions that best serve their unique needs and interests.

This show is 31 minutes long and can be played on this page or using the podcast app of your choice with this feed.

Transcript below.

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RantanenTown Ranch Turns Into Broadband Playground For Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 11

TBB11 marked an exciting development for the Tribal Broadband Bootcamps.

For this latest and newest iteration, TBB co-founder Matt Rantanen graciously permitted TBB to make a permanent fiber ring installation on his property, RantanenTown Ranch, last month. While TBB will continue to host bootcamps in partnership with Tribes in different regions of North America, the launch of this permanent broadband practice arena allows TBB to chart a new path towards even more in-depth and hands-on training.

Here is a photo-filled look at the many days of prep and three days of immersive programming that went into making it happen.

“Just the fact that we saw the fiber model in its open aspect with all the drama and issues right in front of us; my friends is the best learning methodology!” – TBB 11 Attendee

TBB 11 Photo Essay Matt Pull

Ready or Not

Of course, building an entire, operating fiber network across RantanenTown Ranch was a massive undertaking that involved a lot of prep work.

TBB 11 Photo Essay Spencer Matt Tractor


Tribal Broadband Bootcamp Advances: Underground and Above

The Tribal Broadband Bootcamps (TBB) – a three-day intensive learning experience focused on building and running Tribal Internet networks – are becoming even more immersive as the 11th TBB is now underway at the homestead of TBB co-founder Matthew Rantanen.

As more Tribal nations build out their own broadband networks to deliver service to Indigenous communities in the most disconnected areas of North America, broadband-minded Tribal leaders and instructors continue to gather in different Tribal regions across the country several times a year for the ultimate Indian Country networking experience.

TBB 11 Matt and Spencer

This time participants descended on “RantanenTown Ranch” in Aguanga, California – part of southern California’s Inland Empire region near Temecula.

With help from ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks Initiative Director and TBB co-founder Christopher Mitchell, and a handful of other instructors, the ranch has been transformed into a working demonstration site so participants could better learn the technologies involved in constructing broadband networks, while taking a deep-dive into what it takes to operate a network.

All of the previous bootcamps offered hands-on training. But, this particular bootcamp took it up a notch as TBB instructors set up a full deployment demonstration, illustrating how fiber is buried and/or deployed aerially.

Digging In

New Tribal Broadband Bootcamps Slated for 2024

We are pleased to announce an exciting lineup of Tribal Broadband Bootcamps (TBB) scheduled for 2024.

TBB was started in 2021 as an initiative to connect people interested in building Tribal broadband networks - a space for folks to develop and share best practices that ensure their communities have high-quality, equitable Internet access. More than fifty Tribes or First Nations and over three hundred participants have since attended a bootcamp, increasing their knowledge, sharing their expertise, and contributing to this vibrant community.

Sponsored by Waskawiwin in partnership with ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks Initiative, TBBs are three-day immersive learning and networking events. At TBB, hands-on and interactive activities enhance a curriculum of beginner and advanced material on wireless and fiber optic networks. Technical learning is paired with discussions on important topics like policy, funding, and digital equity.

Mohawk Bootcamp

Participants with all levels of experience are encouraged to attend. Bringing together new learners and folks with decades of experience, the bootcamps create a unique opportunity for people across Indian Country to share strategies, challenges, and successes. Tribal Broadband Bootcamps help build community and capacity at the same time.

Whether you’re a technician, customer service specialist, general manager, or Tribal leader - if you’re interested in or focused on broadband in Indian Country, check out our upcoming bootcamps:

Broadband Labels Help Transparent Providers Show Off Their Service

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) recently published rules for its broadband nutrition label provides a partial victory for Internet subscribers and a potential marketing advantage for fiber providers – but may pose a challenge for wireless Internet service providers.

Though the new rules were finalized in October, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have until April 10, 2024 to publish their broadband labels, though providers with 100,000 or fewer subscriber lines have until October 10, 2024.

Just like the label on the back of packaged food in grocery stores helps shoppers understand the nutritional value of the food they are buying, the broadband label requires ISPs to disclose their broadband pricing and service information (at the point of sale) to help potential subscribers make informed decisions about the service they are signing up to get.

Transparency on Display

Though the label is just another red-tape requirement for some providers, others see it as an opportunity to show off the quality of their services.

Google broadband nutrition label

Google Fiber, for example, published via social media and its blog a preliminary version of its own broadband consumer label, just days after the final rule was published, and six months before its deadline.

The Future of LTE - Episode 581 of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast

This week on another special edition of the podcast, join us as we revisit a captivating conversation from the most recent episode of our biweekly livestream Connect This! show. Co-hosts Christopher Mitchell and Travis Carter will be joined by regular guests Doug Dawson and Kim McKinley as well as special guest Mike Dano. Together, they dive deep into the future of mobile wireless and LTE networks, how we got here, and where are we going next as well as rural mobile wireless, market dynamics, 5G hype, and more.

This serves as a sequel to their comprehensive examination of LTE history in Episode 79 of Connect This! For more information on Connect This! and to find previous episodes, please visit our webiste at connectthisshow.org

This show is 67 minutes long and can be played on this page or via Apple Podcasts or the tool of your choice using this feed.

Transcript below.

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Thanks to Arne Huseby for the music. The song is Warm Duck Shuffle and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

Upcoming Tribal Business of Broadband Webinar Focuses on Wireless Tech

The Tribal Business of Broadband webinar series, a virtual extension of the Tribal Broadband Bootcamps, continues later this month with a focus on wireless Tribal networks.

It will be held on December 19 at 2 pm ET.

As historic investments are being made to bring better broadband to Indian Country, the webinars are designed to be a practical resource for Tribal leaders seeking to expand high-speed Internet access within Indigenous communities.

Coming on the heels of the first webinar in the series, which focused on high-level business considerations in establishing Tribal networks, this second webinar will cover what it takes to deploy wireless networks, the spectrum licensing involved, and other related issues.

Tribal Biz of Broadband flyer 2

Like the previous webinar, the lineup of speakers bring in-depth knowledge and experience in the building and operation of Tribal networks. Speakers for the Dec. 19 webinar include: Brandon Ramon, Network Operations Center Supervisor for the Tohono O'odham Utility Authority; Matthew “Speygee” Douglas, Broadband Manager for the Hoopa Valley Tribe's Public Utilities District; and Monica Braine, Project Specialist for AMERIND Critical Infrastructure. The conversation will be moderated by Brooke Munroe, Director of the Tribal Resource Center.

Pre-registration is not required. Interested participants can watch the webinar live here.

The Future of LTE Networks | Episode 85 of the Connect This! Show

Connect This

Join us Friday, December 1st at 2pm ET for the latest episode of the Connect This! Show. Co-hosts Christopher Mitchell (ILSR) and Travis Carter (USI Fiber) will be joined by regular guests Doug Dawson (CCG Consulting) and Kim McKinley (UTOPIA Fiber) and special guest Mike Dano (Editorial Director, 5G & Mobile Strategies, Light Reading) to tackle the future of LTE networks - how did we get here, and where are we going? They'll talk about what happened to the 5G hype train, rural mobile wireless, market dynamics, and more. Go back and watch The Only History of LTE You'll Ever Need to catch up on part one of the discussion.

First, the crew tackles the FCC's digital discrimination proceeding in the context of ILSR Researcher Emma Gautier's recent piece on the subject. Then, they pause for a brief moment on what looks like a new dark money, anti-municipal broadband campaign aimed at UTOPIA Fiber in Utah. Finally, Christopher, Kim, Doug, and Travis are joined by Mike Dano to jump into the main subject of today's show: where we're at now, and where we expect to go, with mobile wireless networks.

Email us at broadband@communitynets.org with feedback and ideas for the show.

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The Only History of LTE You'll Ever Need | Episode 79 of the Connect This! Show

Connect This

Join us Thursday, September 7th at 2pm ET for a very special episode of the Connect This! Show. Co-hosts Christopher Mitchell (ILSR) and Travis Carter (USI Fiber) will be joined by regular guest Doug Dawson (CCG Consulting) and special guest Spencer Sevilla (University of Washington, ICDT Lab) to talk about how the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) standard for wireless networks came into being, from its inception in 2004 to its widespread adoption by 2010. They'll cover everything from how a new communication standard is negotiated, to the development of OEM hardware, to deployment at scale. 

If you like this episode, stay tuned for LTE Networks: Part II, where we'll aim to tackle where LTE networks are going next.

Email us at broadband@communitynets.org with feedback and ideas for the show.

Subscribe to the show using this feed or find it on the Connect This! page, and watch on LinkedIn, on YouTube Live, on Facebook live, or below.

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