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New Treasury Rules: Good News for Community-Driven Broadband Solutions

The U.S. Department of Treasury broke new ground in federal broadband policy when the agency released guidelines governing the $10 billion Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund. The Treasury's guidance directs applicants to incorporate plans in their project proposals to address long-overlooked barriers to broadband adoption, and gives state and local governments increased flexibility to decide how to spend the relief funds. 

Building a Fiber UTOPIA in Bozeman

UTOPIA Fiber continues to grow and is now exporting its expertise into Bozeman, Montana – one of the fastest-growing cities of its size and often listed among the best places to live in the country.

Connecticut Town Works With Consultant On Open Access Design Plans

Across New England, local-controlled, publicly-owned Internet infrastructure is on the rise -- from Bar Harbor, Maine to the Berkshires of Massachusetts. In Connecticut, however, it’s a different story. The Constitution State is a municipal broadband desert.